Der moderne Spieler ist das Maß der (Fußball-)Dinge.
Individuell. Fokussiert. Ganzheitlich.

Individuelles Coaching
auf professionellem Niveau


Professional Football Academy in Cologne/Bonn

Individual coaching on a professional level makes the crucial difference! Starting with the very first lesson, youth players also benefit from the cognitively oriented proffac method, which is specially developed for high-professional demand. The training concept – developed by employees of the German Sport University Cologne – is based on the scientifically established assumption that in addition to abilities and skills, the key to success is efficient training.

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Training for field players

Whoever wants to deliver excellent football performance needs to master the football basics down: ball security, athletics, tactics and overview are the most important characteristics of a "complete” football player. A scientific rule says that one requires 10.000 hours of practice to deliver top performance. And you will only invest so much time, if you have fun doing it. Diligence and joy – our concept of optimal training quality is based on this simple finding. Proffac trains its players as effectively as possible and delivers measurable performance results. For nothing motivates more than valuable success.

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Training for keepers

The long exposure of a "number 1“ requires specific training to remain on this level. The goal is to reach consistent keeper performance on a very high technical-tactical and mental level. Strong character and technical perfection in the decisive millisecond of the shoot of the goal – this is what every ambitious keeper dreams about! The proffac keeper training is oriented towards the approved proffac methodology ranging from fundamentals to high performance football.

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Science, analyses and evaluations

proffac feels obliged to work with the latest (sports) scientific findings. They are regularly evaluated and selectively tested or modified for practicability in training methodologies. In this way the proven proffac methodology is constantly being further developed. As for nothing can overtake one faster than even better insights on sport performance. Sport has many rich training facets, of which football can profit a lot. Our proffac coaches have a rather broad range of expertise and maintain their creative view on interesting developments in neighboring disciplines.

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Athletic training

Developing complex athletic dynamics: mobility, stability, coordination, energy, speed, power, rapidity, endurance.

Training for keepers

A keeper is no longer what (s)he has been before. proffac develops keepers in single coaching sessions, which are oriented towards National League level.

Individual training

Every player reaches his/her goals in a different way. Individual training makes the differences between a good and an outstanding player.

Mental training

Thinking quicker, acting more precise – and developing the strength to take this to the field.

Scientific findings

Including what can optimize football. Recognizing what moves the player. Changes on the field according to fundamental scientific findings.

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