Whoever wants to deliver top performance in football has to master the football basics. Even more important than abilities and proficiencies are diligence and dedication on the way of having a successful career. For no one is born a master! A scientific rule says that one requires 10.000 hours of practice to deliver top performance. And you will only invest so much time, if you have fun doing it. The name proffac contains the “ff”, which stands for the German “Fleiß” and “Freude” (English: diligence and joy) – these are the qualities on which our concept of optimal training quality is based on. If a player trains out of own motivation and gains energy from training to reach higher goals, (s)he will reach these goals even quicker. It is the model of the learned talent or simply spoken: practice makes perfect!

proffac has an eye for the necessary details. With the help of this analyzing ability, strengths and weaknesses of the players are specifically worked on. Latest scientific findings are optimizing training efficiency. Additional support next to club training offers players the possibility to engage themselves even more so in football and to work on deficits. Our pool of experts comes from a broad range of sport expertise and makes sure that the time on and next to the training field is optimally used for effective, holistic training. Next to our licensed coaches, athletics and mental coaches, nutrition experts, scouts and video analysts are part of the extensive support. Every player is accompanied on his/her individual level to deliver their optimal game performance. Now it is all about practice, practice, practice!

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