proffac’s range of services

proffac offers the right services for every football level. Every player reaches his/her goal individually. Proffac thus works with a modular system, which needs to be individually adapted to the respective performance level. Next to the “basic education module” there are optional and variable training modules.

Scientific test methods

Modern football is defined as an extremely complex team sport with a variety of physical and psychological performance requirements. To make one’s own performance capability (positive and stagnating developments) visible, we make it possible for all of our players to regularly test their current abilities. These parameters serve as training orientation for proffac coaches and as current or long-term feedback for supervisors.

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Systematic game analysis

Germany is official Football World Champion. Since the World Cup 2006, the National League refers to support of a DFB (German Football Association) analysis team. The diploma course “Spielanalyse-Team Köln” (game analysis-team Cologne) qualifies game analysts over a two-year course. With this specific know-how and the knowledge about the requirements of the modern football world, we are guiding our proffac players on their personal sport career.


The systematic game analysis is part of training scientific performance diagnostics. It offers the possibility to define individual performance levels of one player or of a whole team. Proffac carries out both analyses of single players and of own or opposing teams.

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Nutrition counselling

Football does not end at the rim of the playing field and does not start with the next training session. A complete football education also includes adequate nutrition, to optimally exploit the performance potentials of our bodies.

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Sport psychological counselling

Training and competition are two very different situations. It is not seldom that players deliver outstanding results in training sessions, but cannot live up to their potential when it matters. It is the so called training world champion phenomenon.


Athletic training

Athletic training begins where pure football training ends: at balancing out imbalances, improving instable movement patterns, development of acceleration or the optimal interaction of muscle chains. For the player this is more about complex athletic dynamics. A solid technique builds upon solid praxis just as it builds on concentration capability and mental creativity.

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