Systematic Game analysis

Germany is official Football World Champion. Since the World Cup 2006, the National League refers to support of a DFB (German Football Association) analysis team. With this specific know-how and the knowledge about the requirements of the modern football world, we are guiding our proffac players on their personal sport career.

The systematic game analysis is part of training scientific performance diagnostics. It offers the possibility to define individual performance levels of one player or of a whole team. proffac carries out both analyses of single players and of own or opposing teams.

Single player analysis

In the long-term and extensive supervision of players, a systematic analysis of their strengths and weaknesses is made after seasonal intervals or after a game. The focus here lies on the implementation of training contents according to specific aspects or to earlier defined performance goals. proffac coaches can evaluate a player’s performance or development progress with single player analyses and validate the results based on objective plans of training sessions.

On a professional level, training analyses deliver reliable results on the expected efficiency of various training exercises for single players. Successfully carried out training sessions are tested whether specific training goals have been met. Motoric components or periodic training sessions support the collaboration of coaches in athletics and medical counsellors.


proffac not only offers detailed professional single player analyses with practical focus on specific improvement potential for proffac players, but also for external players. Every player can receive an individual performance analysis.


Strategic and tactical analyses are part of the repertoire of coaches in modern football. Based on their proven expertise in national and international professional football, proffac carries out team analyses, systematic game analyses, aspect analyses or tactical strategic analyses as well as for own and for opposing teams.

Own team analysis

The team analysis is a very efficient tool for the team’s coaches, to integrate new players, find suitable game systems or to carry out a systematic error analysis.

Opponent analysis

To find out about a team’s idiosyncratic traits and movement patterns, the objective fundamental work of a team of coaches needs to include preparatory computer simulations, statistics, tactical-strategic evaluations and post analyses. Continuous analyses and specific game situations or even the construction of game simulations leads to efficient learning outcomes of single players and can raise the team’s performance onto the next level much quicker.

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