Sport psychological counselling

In football male and female players train hard and reach a comparable physical performance level in their age group just before matches. However, no football god decides on success or defeat – next to the “little bit of luck” it is mental strength, which needs to be trained beforehand. This is why meanwhile the leading football nations are more and more integrating the latest sport psychological insights, to correctly and actively include them to particular development stages of the players. Next to individual personality traits, psychological abilities and proficiencies are taught, to enable players to live up to their full potential in decisive situations. Even more so important, they need to learn how to create action strategies, to react to unforeseen obstacles in a cognitively appropriate way.

Training and competition are two very different situations. It is not seldom that players deliver outstanding results in training sessions, but cannot live up to their potential when it matters. It is the so called training world champion phenomenon. This is why it is so important that players also receive sport psychological counselling and support. They will then learn how to better handle pressure situations. Especially upcoming professional athletes need to acquire sport psychological skills, to be prepared for top-class sports. In collaboration with experts the players’ self-confidence, as well as the capability for teamwork, motivation and concentration are promoted. Additionally, handling aggressions, stress and injuries is trained.

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