Training for field players

Football is the most popular broad sport in Germany. Nearly 10% of the German population is organized in one of the 27.000 football clubs. Through a system of leagues and different age ranges, there exists a pyramidal structure with the professionals of the National League Team at the very top. Field players with future options must receive optimal support on every level. Individual training intensifies player performance.

The dream of many young players is to make it to the top. proffac can play an important role in achieving this. In addition to club training, proffac especially promotes the mental, cognitive, coordinative player abilities with an individually designed training plan according to their specific methodology. Players on all performance levels can benefit from this. From the ambitious junior player, from youth players to national league professionals – the proffac methodology places decisive accents.

With the help of our intensive and holistic support, a player can measurably reach a higher performance level. In addition to the licensed proffac coaches, athletics and mental coaches as well as nutrition experts deliver optimal counselling. Success is predestined: more than 50% of the players trained by proffac stepped up at least one league after only one year of training. Thus, no wonder that proffac has in the meantime arrived in the football world. And the scientific area complements the work of the coaches. This is why proffac is becoming more and more popular on a national as well as on an international level in the area of trainer education.

Globalized football world: proffac has already welcomed many players from different nationalities. proffac is specialized in offering short-term counselling up to long-term player development for players of all age ranges and levels. Performance training or training sessions on main subjects are especially asked for by our foreign guests.

Technically versatile, tactically set up – nowadays this no longer is enough to make it in high performance football. It is especially the extreme increase in game tempo, which challenges players in their physical performance limits. Holistic training methods, directed towards latest scientific findings are asked for.

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