Athletic training

Athletic training begins where pure football training ends: at balancing out imbalances, improving instable movement patterns, development of acceleration or the optimal interaction of muscle chains. For the player this is more about complex athletic dynamics. A solid technique builds upon solid praxis just as it builds on concentration capability and mental creativity and speed. In the eye of the spectator, the development of modern football appears quicker, more dynamic, more vigorous and energetic. 

Athletic training must therefore consider the features in football. Pressure peaks are usefully complemented with training and competition rhythms. Training intensities in the 90-95% range of performance reserves can then be optimally supported.

High intensity and rapid regeneration abilities are the decisive aspects of physical and mental regeneration. Proffac’s training design considers these parameters. It is the development of complex athletic dynamics, which effects the assertiveness of a player when taking his/her performance to the next level.

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