Record of success

The success of proffac‘s holistic training concept can be summarized in an impressive number:  53 % of all players supervised by proffac trainers have moved up to a higher league in the season 2013/14. In the following season 2014/15, this value was even outnumbered. The proffac training was especially successful for many U16 regional league players that are now playing in U17 regional leagues. Meanwhile proffac also supervises national league players who have got challenging individual goals. 

Currently, children and youth players between the age groups 1994 and 2008 are training with proffac at various locations around Cologne/Bonn and seasonally limited in Sydney/Australia. All of them are benefitting from the holistic approach of proffac training, which equally promotes soccer relevant abilities, mental strength as well as fitness and physical robustness in individual training. This way ball technical abilities are expanded, game intelligence is developed and injury risk is minimized. 

Another story of success includes the proffac cooperation with partners from the medical-orthopedic area. By interweaving proffac training and medical supervision, some injured players were trained up to their individual performance level.  

Therefore, proffac has established themselves as an outstanding address for all players, that aim to complement and optimize their soccer training in the clubs with an individualized training. Further international coach education programs as well as assessments supplement proffac’s performance portfolio.

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