Dennis Hill

Head of goalkeeper coaching

Of course the ball has to be kicked in the goal – but not necessarily in the goal of a proffac goalkeeper!

Stefan KrämerDavid Hofmann

Sport studies at German Sport University Cologne (BA Sport and performance)

UEFA A-Coaching license

UEFA A-Coaching license (goalkeeper)

Analysis for the DFB national team – Team Cologne (WC 2014, EC 2016)
Goalkeeper scouting in Germany and abroad, special analysis in the highly professionalized goalkeeper field of DFB

Expertise as an active player, coach, scout and analyst

Active player among others - with teams selected for special training in the region of Dusseldorf and Lower Rhine; VfB Langenfeld, Tuspo Richrath, Fortuna Dusseldorf, VfB Hilden, 1. JFS Cologne (Youth Football School Cologne), SSV Burghausen // Coaching experience - DFB-Special training centre coach, goalkeeper coach in several football schools as well as in the field of professional coach training for strength and weakness analysis // Scouting experience - Team Cologne (DFB national team), special analysis in the field of goalkeepers (national and international) 

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