Proffac site Australia

High-tech football in one of the world’s most beautiful cities
Proffac shows presence in Sydney! Two proffac coaches are working on site during the current Australian football season from March till mid-August. The proffac managers Alexander Otto and Lukas Völker have sent two of their top trainers across the big pond: Yannick Kay and Mustafa Yavuz. “If proffac is working in Australia, then only with the same quality for which proffac stands for when working in Germany”, according to Alex Otto’s basic conviction. After a 6-week establishing phase for the coaches in Sydney Alex himself made his way to Australia to evaluate the standards. At that point Yannick and Mustafa had already unpacked their complete proffac repertoire and had all of the training processes firmly in their grasp.

Proffac in Australia thus means: intensive training sessions, performance tests (the first one already in March), integration of the players to the online-homework system (the beneficial side-effect is learning German), quantitative and qualitative video and game analysis, mental coaching, talks with parents, development talks – for both of our coaches this implies a high responsibility and advance trust of the proffac managers. Two important milestones for proffac, to let this Australian commitment grow and evolve with the usual ambition, are the nearly daily positive feedback messages of supervised and demanding player parents and already first waiting lists for available training sessions.

Indeed proffac is setting new accents in the sport-enthusiastic Sydney: Instead of mass training sessions, every single player is at the center of each training session; instead of bodily robustness and physical fitness, mental training, personal supervision and detailed technique training are on the schedule. Meanwhile 10 players belong to the “regular personnel” and further players from all age groups and levels. The resonance of all Australian players is nearly euphorical after Yannick’s and Mustafa’s first training phase.

Next to boisterous sport enthusiasm Australian players bring along incredible physical presence on the field! Proffac’s cognitive methods indeed hits the best prerequisites in Australia, which the players need to play among the best in the globalized football world. Proffac was invited to introduce its specific methods and procedures at a meeting with the Technical Director of the Football Federation Australia.

First conclusion of our Australia coaches: “Establishing the proffac football idea in one of the world’s most beautiful cities – this is a dream! If this continues, we’ll probably have to say goodbye with a tear in the eye at the end of this intensive time in Sydney”, Yannick speculates and Mustafa adds to the telephone interview: “I am already looking for a suitable goalpost to look myself to it, just to extend my stay here in Sydney…”.