2. proffac-Challenge – the first international Challenge

The competition from overseas never sleeps: For the very first time proffac has opened the monthly challenge for the Australian players. Yannick Kay and Mustafa Yavuz have inspired and motivated some of their players to participate in this event. While the German proffac players sent in their videos rather hesitantly and our coaches also had to encourage our players a few times, the first Australian videos literally flew across the big pond directly onto Tim Euenheim’s mobile phone. About half of the Australian players produced video sequences, but the German proffac players however put the pressure higher just before the end.

Voting team
Meanwhile a considerable number of proffac coaches are members of the voting team, who award their points and evaluations independently from each other. The one or another point is difficult to give, but the trainers are quickly getting to know their own fosterlings from a different, creative and sporty side.

The winner is…

The winner of the proffac challenge is the Australian Rawley St. John (birth year 2005).

A video conference of the award ceremony, that took place in May 2016, is uploaded on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us via social media and enjoy the impressions of our Australian location in Sydney.

Disasters, difficulties and setbacks
In the meantime every “challenger” has learned that some preparation and follow-up processing before and after the respective tricks are necessary to deliver an impressive video. The reason: film recordings have their flaws. An Australian player had to learn this the hard way. Rawley came up with a very special trick. Complicated preparation with a rope attached to a lemon, which was supposed to be balanced on a tree, a nice juggling trick and an ingenious procedure during the sequence. Rawley stepped onto the stage, the trick worked just as planned, finally a funny highlight – and? The camera was not switched on! The worst thing was that the trick was never to be carried out successfully a second time before a running camera!

One neighbor’s rooftop was integrated to the trick. Of course not without consequences – the ball broke a brick and demolished a piece of the roof. The player’s father humbly said sorry at the end of the day and personally repaired the mishap – fortunately he is blessed with skilled craftsmanship.

A German player had all sorts of ideas, but the trick just did not want to work with neither of the items he had picked. Day after day passed, but even the finally chosen peteca game just did not want to be juggled while standing on a wobbly surface. Finally, the trick performed with the last possible and much too easy item had to be recorded that many times, that nobody was any longer willing to be the camera man. In the end the trick just barely worked out and with lots of cursing. The video turned out to be completely different from what had been planned, much shorter and edited up to the very last millimeter and then it was sent via electronic mail.